It takes about $250 for a woman to complete the Bel Inizio program. We gratefully welcome all donations to help these women in their race for a better life. No amount is too small to make a big impact. Bel Inizio is a registered nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 27-3577215).

    $25  Covers the cost of fruit for a team for one night
    $50  Covers the cost of an athlete’s team shirt and race entry
  $100  Supports transportation to and from workouts
  $250  Covers the cost of an athlete to complete our program
  $500  Pays for a team’s graduation ceremony
$1000  Supports our expansion into more agencies

If you prefer to donate by check, our address is:
Bel Inizio • 7710 Del Rey Lane • Houston, TX 77071

Bel Inizio is a registered 501(c)(3). 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

A very special THANK YOU to all our sponsors and donors.
We could not help as many women without you.