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I can do this! I have never finished anything before in my entire life.

A Chost Strider

Crying as she saw her 5K finish line in sight

What an honor to be a part of such a wonderful moment. I got a chance to walk and talk with Tamera and let me tell you Theresa you are changing lives. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

Cherita Andrews

The Biggest Loser, Season 9 Contestant, After she helped a Bel Inizio client make it through her first 5K.

I know the ladies and I appreciate everything you do for them. It helps them a lot to have a someone invest so much of their heart and time.

April Wolff, LCDC

TTC Residential Lead Counselor, Volunteers of America Lavender Facility

At a very challenging and pivotal time in my life, your organization, Bel Inizio, offered me the opportunity to incorporate physical health and fitness into a means of emotional well-being. It was amazing to train for and run my first 5K. I have always wanted to do something like it but never had the course. During the course of training for the 5K I began to feel stronger both mentally and physically and soon began to utilize the idea of setting a long-term goal and making short-term goals to complete it….Thank you for everything Theresa. It really has been a beautiful beginning.


A Lavender Lady

Hello Theresa, thank you so much for all of the work that you do for our ladies. I know that their self esteem has improved immensely. Not just because of the improved physical abilities but mostly that someone cares enough about them to spend as much time and energy on them as you do. It works wonders for them!!!

Linda Kagey, LCDC

Assistant Director of Treatment Services, Volunteers of America Texas